As a registered nurse of 30 years experience, I have had occasion over the last 5 years to be closely associated with people using both THC and CBD oils. One young girl aged 4 at the time was having multiple seizures per day. From the moment she had her first dose of CBD she has been seizure free, and is now a healthy 8 year old. Another teenager with a complex seizure disorder, who had to wear a helmet at all times to prevent injury, was taking four separate anticonvulsants. After commencing CBD oil, she was able to remove 3 anticonvulsant medications and no longer requires a helmet.

A Brisbane lady with a glioblastoma multiforma (brain tumour) who was told by her doctor there was nothing they could do and was told to get her affairs in order as she had 3 months to live. This person was still alive 18 months later, using CBD oil sublingually three times a day. A friend with pancreatic cancer and liver metastasise, has been using both THC and CBD oils, as well as chemo. He still has all his hair, is fit and well…and the liver lesions are gone and the pancreatic tumour has decreased in size by 30%.

Other examples of people i know personally who have benefited from CBD or THC include, a 78 year old lady who reports CBD has cured her anxiety; a middle-aged woman with bipolar disorder who reports huge improvement in her mood with CBD use.

Registered Nurse.