I’m a 41yo man and was suffering from debilitating sciatica and back pain. 3 months of using this oil daily and I no longer have any issues with my leg or my back. Thank you so much!

I suffered from depression for a long time and nothing the doctor gave me helped. I used CBD oil for about 6 months, taking it every day and the difference was amazing. I started leaving my room again. I got a job again. This stuff is amazing.

My daughter has a form of epilepsy that makes her have 100s of seizures every day. The medications from the doctor helped reduce them but never stopped them completely. They left her drowsy and vacant, she would often stare blankly at us after taking them. Since starting this CBD oil the seizures reduced to almost none. It is very rare for her to have one at all these days. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this available. Not sure what we would do without it.

Hi I have endometriosis really bad and every time I get my period the pain is unbearable. All the painkillers in the world don’t make it go away. The hemp cbd oil is the only thing that helps me feel normal. I took it for the last 2 months and no pain anymore.